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Planners must prepare for CC

Planners must prepare for CC 28 October 2020

Planners ‘must prepare’ for weather extremes – Met Office (via BBC News)

By Roger Harrabin

The Met Office is launching a tool to help planners prepare for further extremes of rainfall and high temperatures.

It warns that wild weather in the future is likely to place increasing challenges on health, infrastructure and services. The projections follow a year of UK extremes. The country experienced its wettest February, a record sunny May and the wettest ever day on 3 October.

This new analysis doesn’t speculate on possible record high temperatures. Instead, it offers a projection of what researchers call “relatively high extremes” – the sort of weather you’d expect once every 50 years.

The UK Met Office says this is the timeframe that informs decision–making by planners. It says the government, organisations and engineers typically plan to safeguard against a one–in–50–year event – not to protect buildings and systems against more freakish weather.

For London, the high temperature numbers steadily creep up from 1950 – when 35C was a one–in–50–year event – to 2100, when a temperature high–point of 39C is projected to occur every 50 years.

Prof Jason Lowe from the Met Office said: “Some of the most severe consequences of climate change will come from an increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

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