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RenewableNI Report Launched

RenewableNI Report Launched 14 September 2021

Achieving Zero: A Pathway to Zero–Carbon Electricity

Today RenewableNI launched its groundbreaking report Achieving Zero.  Commissioned in partnership with Green Tech Skillet, the report by Baringa Partners provides a pathway to a zero–carbon electricity system in Northern Ireland.

Phase one of the report looks at reaching the RenewableNI target of 80% renewable electricity by 2030 (80 by 30), and concludes that doing so:

·       Will save consumers an additional £50m per year compared with a 70% renewables penetration

·       Will reduce power sector carbon emissions by 75% (from 2.8MtCO2 to 0.7MtCO2)

·       Can be achieved by doing more of the same i.e. continuing build out of renewable capacity

Phase two goes further and outlines the steps needed to replace fossil fuels and create a zero–carbon power system.  It shows that:

·       The technologies needed are known to us today

·       The necessary systems services can be funded by the savings realised in achieving 80 by 30

·       We know how to move zero–carbon electricity, the question is how fast do we do so?

RenewableNI has called for the Department for the Economy to set a target date of 2035 for zero carbon electricity, in line with the UK Committee on Climate Change’s Sixth Carbon Budget.  We believe this report can provide a blueprint for policy makers to achieve this aim.

Read the report here.