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Survey–Climate Information 26 April 2021

Survey – Climate information for UK Decision–Making

Climate information is used to support decision–making about near, medium, and long–term risks across a wide range of sectors, and products based on this information can be attributed with different levels of confidence due to uncertainties in the data support and methods for their production.  

The Met Office has recently commissioned JBA Consulting to produce recommendations of the next steps needed to produce climate information to inform UK climate risks assessment and adaptation decisions that are potentially needed over the next decade. This project falls within the wider Met Office and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) supported Climate Resilience Programme which aims to bring together fragmented climate research and expertise to undertake robust, multi–and interdisciplinary climate risk and adaptation research to build UK capacity for resilience to climate variability and change.  

In order to inform this work, JBA has asked that you complete this short survey regarding your use and views on currently available climate information. It also provides more detail about the project and how you can get involved in further stages. The survey is available here.  Please complete this by FRIDAY 7 MAY 17:00. 

Please forward this survey to any colleagues within your organisation or beyond that may be interested in participating. If you have any questions about the survey or the project as whole, please contact the Project Manager, Rachel Brisley (